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Dallas Pugh Gymnasium

The Dallas Pugh Foundation Has Built a Gymnasium…

A  7,000 square foot “state of the art,” multi-purpose gymnasium and community center, fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to safeguard and strengthen our youth.
Your Support Will Help Build The Dallas Pugh Gymnasium
at the McGrath Family YMCA in our Community!

Make a Difference for a Kid like Me…

When the closing bell rings at the end of the day, and the latest bubble bursts, I’m your best investment. I’m your hedge against crime, disease, poverty and despair. I’m your best hope for tomorrow and the security of this great country. I’m your future secured. Given a place to nurture my spirit and channel my energy, I could do extraordinary things when I grow up. Maybe I’ll discover a cure for cancer, or advance a new technology. Or write a book. I might even be a legendary basketball player. And when asked what made it all possible for me, I will reach for words of gratitude, my eyes tearing up.  I will tell them of growing up at the Y – the care and guidance I received, the friends and coaches who helped me.  I will acknowledge you – you who had the foresight to make an investment in me when I was young. We might never meet. So, I thank you now for all that you will have done for me, and hundreds like me. You took stock in me, and in a place we need - The Dallas Pugh Gymnasium at the McGrath Family YMCA. Learn more about the East County McGrath Family YMCA Here!

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