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Dallas Pugh was an incredible young man with goals, talent, and a sunny personality that touched everyone he met. When he decided to take his own life, the world lost someone very special.

Unfortunately, Dallas’ story is not unique. Each year, we hear hundreds of stories just like it. It’s amazing just how many lives are touched by suicide on an annual basis, and while we may never be able to end the problem entirely, working to prevent it is absolutely essential.

This public health crisis cannot be allowed to continue, and through your generous support, we can continue to fund programs that work to prevent teen suicide each day. Good suicide prevention programs work, and you can help create the resources necessary to stop this leading cause of death.

Not convinced? Take a moment to consider these statistics.

  • On average, one person dies every 16.2 minutes as a result of suicide in the United States.
  • Among young people, the national rate of suicide has doubled over the course of the past two years.
  • In 2005, California alone experienced more than three thousands suicide deaths.

The more support you give, the more we can work to save others.  Your gifts, whether they’re given in memory of a loved one or as a result of your own experiences help us support programs that can help others avoid the tragedy associated with suicide. All of your donations are tax deductible. To learn more about how to donate, contact us today!


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