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1615 Murray Canyon Road #110 San Diego, CA

Our History


We have dedicated over a million dollars to support suicide awareness and prevention programs. This includes underwriting the construction of the brand new Dallas Pugh Gymnasium at the McGrath Family YMCA in East County.

Our Strategy

Project D.A.L.L.A.S. 180

D.A.L.L.A.S. 180 is breaking new ground as the first program of its kind. This program is specially designed to reach high school students and guide them through a supportive healing process.

Our Future

Innovation for Prevention

This program is being piloted in partnership with San Diego Youth Services and the San Diego Center for Children. After it's pilot launch, D.A.L.L.A.S. 180 will be duplicable all over the country. Donate now to help fund this important cause.



We create innovative programs that support the mental health and well-being of youth and their families.




Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for teens & young adults.
Our mission is to end that.
80 %
Treatment Works

80% - 90% of people that seek help for depression have successful treatment.

17 %
Teens At Risk

17% of high school students have considered suicide.

64 %
Seeking Help

64% of people who attempt suicide visit a doctor in the days leading up to the attempt.

Change the conversation


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