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The Dallas Pugh Foundation
Change the conversation. Believe in tomorrow.

The Dallas Pugh Foundation is committed to changing the lives of at-risk youth. Project D.A.L.L.A.S. 180 is our flagship program. We work with mental health professionals to drive awareness, life, love, and safety for kids who need our help. Join D.A.L.L.A.S. today to support this mission.

Our Story

On May 20, 1995, the Pughs tragically lost Dallas, their son and brother, to suicide. The family was blindsided by this event, and their lives were forever changed. The years that followed were a whirlwind of grief and confusion. Through it all, the Pughs were determined to help their community, and do all they could to ensure that other families would never have to endure the same pain.

They launched The Dallas Pugh Foundation is Dallas’ honor, determined to make a difference in the lives of young people. Since the foundations launch, DPF has raised well over a million dollars for suicide awareness and prevention programs. Most significantly, these funds were able to underwrite the construction of the Dallas Pugh Gymnasium at the McGrath Family YMCA in East County.

The story continues, as the Dallas Pugh Foundation rolls out Project D.A.L.L.A.S. 180, a first-of-its-kind program dedicated to boots-on-the-ground support for at-risk teens.

The Loss and Reason Behind D.A.L.L.A.S. 180

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Dallas Pugh Foundation is to be a catalyst for and sponsor of innovative programs and services that support the mental health and well-being of youth and their families.

We aspire to empower others to ask for and get the help they need by sharing the story of Dallas Pugh – a fun-loving, outgoing, athletic and popular teen who ended his own life.

A Message From Our Family

“We never understood how this tragedy could happen to us. Dallas grew up in a middle class family in a small town where everyone knows your name. Our family had loving parents, family support, and a sense of togetherness.

We never sensed the pain that Dallas felt. A pain so deep he could not express.

There was never a dull moment around the Pugh home. It was always so much fun having 3 kids running around. Our love for life was unstoppable, and we believed come ever get in the way of our family.

One day, our son and brother Dallas made a decision that changed our lives forever. Our family has never been the same since. Dallas was the most fun, loving and caring person. He had a passion for everything he did. Dallas was always the star of the show and was loved by so many.

Dallas thought the only way out was to end his life. He never knew that there was another option. This is why we have launched the Dallas Pugh Foundation. We are committed to helping teens like Dallas, who didn’t see another option. We don’t want anyone to ever be afraid to ask for help.

The Dallas Pugh Foundation is here to make a difference in the lives of our youth and young adults today. It is ok to reach out for help.”

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