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"We are here to help"

Being a mother of the three most incredible children has been, without question, the best years of my life. From soccer to dance recitals, motorcycles, history fairs, broken arms, ski vacations. Raising them in Jamul was the icing on the cake. My life changed forever on May 20, 1995 when my son Dallas made the decision to take his life. This was something I thought happened to dysfunctional families in the barrio not by any stretch of the word OUR FAMILY. I was the team mom, on the PTA, always volunteering in the schools. We were so involved in every activity we could be in. Why would God ever let something like this happen to us? Why did I not see any signs. I was the Mom & and Moms see everything? I love life, always seeing the glass totally full. I never realized that everyone did not share the same mind-set as I, until this happened. I thought that you could shake off anything if it was bothering you. I should have known my son was hurting in his heart. Where was my head? I live with this guilt everyday. Dallas had a smile that would light anyone’s heart when he walked into a room. He loved puppies, babies, country music and his MOM. His heart was hurting and he hid it well.I have learned so much over the past eleven years about our minds and how powerful they are. Sometimes we have no control over our thoughts. Suicide is something that is never talked about though. People don’t share when their hearts are hurting, or if they, too, have had thoughts of suicide. We talk in our schools about safe sex, but suicide is something that is not ever discussed. I have asked hundreds of people if they ever had those thoughts when they were a teenager, and 98% of them all said yes. I made the decision not to go to bed and not ever get out after this happened. I said to my family, “We have to prevent this from happening to anyone. We have to share our story. We have to let children know that it is okay to ask for help.” You may be having these thoughts, and that’s okay, but it is not okay to act on them. We are here to help, share with you the journey we have been through over the past eleven years. My daughter Leann and Son Jarrett have without question helped over hundreds of children. We have raised over $500,000.00 in the prevention of teen suicide, we can do more. Just to share with you my vision: I can see a wing at the YMCA named after my son Dallas, hundreds of phones ringing, everyone answering the calls the Dallas Pugh Foundation. People ask, who is Dallas Pugh? The story is told, he was the most incredible young man with goals, personality, ambition and good looks. One day he was hurting very bad in his heart and made the decision to take his life. So we are here right now to let you know we are here to help in building self-confidence, communication skills, athletic ability.How can we help you? We will be able to help children in the most positive way & letting them know it’s okay to feel bad today, because there will be a rainbow tomorrow. I miss my Dallas so much, I will never see his children, his wife he would of chose. There is so much we all will miss. I promise you I will make a difference with every child I come in contact with.

Rugh Pugh - Mother

"I never would have thought that this happens to so many families."

Fatherhood is indescribable, it is the most rewarding gift anyone could be given, except when God throws you a curve ball and takes one of your most precious gifts away. Now that is indescribable! The loss of my son Dallas has been life changing for me. I grew up here in San Diego and knew I wanted to raise my own family here as well. The family vacations were endless, the toys never stopped and you could feel the love in the air. Owning my own company for over 25 years made all of these things possible. I was in the auto parts industry and was able to have my children help me out on the weekends or over their summer break. They loved coming to work with Dad. It has been almost 3 years now, I have been retired and enjoying life to the fullest. I have had the privilege of teaching my children a lot of what they know today. Anywhere from mowing the lawn, riding a bike, throwing a football or even changing the tire on your car. Yep, I taught it to my daughter too. It is very rewarding for me to enjoy all the things that I have taught them growing up. Starting a foundation has enabled me to see that there are so many people needing our help, especially with the decisions the youths are faced with today. I never would have thought that this happens to so many families. The numbers are growing and I am here to stop it. The Dallas Pugh Foundation leans on me for fundraising and assistance with anything that comes their way.

Harold Pugh - Father

"He was full of great energy"

Dallas, Dallas, Dallas… I really don’t think that there are enough words to describe my brother Dallas. He was always trying to impress everyone, even himself. Every time I was put in charge to watch my younger brothers and sister, Dallas would end up getting stitches, or at least a couple of band-aids. He was full of great energy, and quite the charmer with the ladies, young and not so young. He always seemed to have so much going for him. Cute girls, tons of friends, plenty of cool things to keep him busy, like football, golf, motorcycle riding or practicing his roping skills on the bull that could never get away. To top it all off, he loved his family so very much. I feel his presence everyday and miss him dearly. He is truly an angel from above. I know that he looks upon us smiling, seeing what we have done in his memory.

Travis Pugh - Brother

"Together we CAN make a difference"

My Brother Dallas made such an impact in not only my life, but also in everyone’s he came in contact with. He had the body of a 15-year-old, but the heart and soul of a giant. Being Dallas’s older brother, my early years had some pretty fond memories. We grew up in Jamul, California, with plenty of space to run, jump, play, and get in a little trouble. My Mom knew that the fire department took exactly 6.5 minutes to arrive at our house. If my Mom couldn’t find Dallas, there was a good chance I had left him dangling in our tree fort in the backyard while I enjoyed his Turkey sandwich that Mom made for both of us. From letting my little brother chase me on dirt bikes, to pretending we were Rambo in the woods behind our house, our childhood was anything but dull. I watched my brother grow from a little boy I used to pick on to my best friend and a handsome young man. We had a childhood you see in movies and a family to share it all with. On May 20th 1995 that all changed, I lost my little brother and best friend to suicide. That day changed my life forever. I realized that our family, along with the support of friends, family, and others that have been touched in a similar way and can help make a difference. I am currently 30 years of age and still wishing that all of this were a dream. I told myself that I could not let this hold me back from life itself. I am now on the board for the Mission Valley YMCA, and get to explore different ways to be a positive influence in children’s lives. I get to troubleshoot with other board members that share the same passion I do. As for work, I currently work with a real estate development company as their Director of Acquisitions. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my job and what I do for the company. I have fun at what I do and best of all, I get to work with my family every day. I still enjoy riding dirt bikes, skiing with the family, boating, Harley rides… I guess doing some of the same things I enjoyed as a kid. Oh, and falling asleep watching a movie with my new nephew Preston Dallas Thompson. With my great sales skills, I will be able to raise enough money to provide the tools needed for the youth today. The Dallas Pugh Foundation has been a goal of mine for many years. I am proud to say it is finally here and together we CAN make a difference.

Jarrett Pugh - Brother

"I know Dallas is looking down on us today"

It was about every hour I was calling for my oldest brother to come and rescue me from Dallas. Dallas loved to torment me. I would be playing in my room, all alone, not bothering anyone and he would feel the need to come in and either fart and run or mess up everything I was playing with. Dallas and I had a love hate relationship. Being the youngest and only girl of the family, I got blamed for everything. See, if I did it, I wouldn’t get in trouble… which meant he wouldn’t get in trouble either. After a few times, my parents caught on and realized that I could never pull off some of these things that Dallas did. Dallas would make the room turn the minute he walked in. He was loved by so many. It has been almost 11 years and people still come to us with stories of Dallas. Dallas lived only to be 15 but accomplished more than most 50 year old’s do today. He was a busy kid and lived everyday to the fullest. I know Dallas is looking down on us today, so proud of his family for everything we are doing for him. The Dallas Pugh Foundation will affect so many precious lives in a positive way.

Leann Thompson - Sister

"Dallas had this fun loving spirit"

I remember Dallas Pugh, a good-looking kid with a smile ear to ear. Dallas had this fun loving spirit. Along with his extra large belt buckle, Cowboy Hat and Boots, his confidence stood out. I remember Dallas showing me these cowboy rope tricks with his lasso and make shift wooden bull, he made some of these tricks look so easy. From the outside looking in, Dallas had everything going for him, loving family, friends and a bright future ahead of him. I know if the Dallas Pugh Foundation can save one family from losing their Dallas, that this foundation can change the world. We all miss Dallas very much!

Jason Moore - Cousin

"I only I would have known, behind that amazing attitude, someone was hurting"

It all happened the night of Supercross 1993. Dallas Pugh, age 13 led the most laps of the race. It was the last lap; Dallas was in first place getting ready for the big jump before the finish line, oh no… Dallas’s foot slipped and he was down. It looks like he landed on his hand. The sports trainers were out there immediately helping him out of the way. Later that night, doctors announced that Dallas fractured his hand when he landed… Dallas always had a story for everything… He did not want everyone to know he really crashed when he was at my house riding Pee-Wee quads in our dirt lot. Dallas was taking a turn a little too wide and ran into the fence where he fractured his thumb. Now that is the true story, Dallas just wanted to impress all of the girls with his “Supercross” story. I have to give him props, he did impress them and they had no idea. I think that is who I get all of my smooth lines from. Dallas has definitely left a void in my life, if only I would have known, behind that amazing attitude, someone was hurting. I will make sure that The Dallas Pugh Foundation allows the youth to express their inner thoughts by reaching out with Dallas’s story. Dallas, I love you!!!

Nick Tyree - Friend

"Just a normal teenager trying to make it"

The Dallas Pugh Foundation and Light for Life have made such a difference in my life. Working alongside them in planning the annual golf tournaments over the past 5 years has really shown me what a need our youth and community has for a foundation like this! I have seen thousands of people come together all because of their love for Dallas to help support other teens that they might never even meet but still be part of changing and maybe even saving their lives. Dallas was like so many other kids are today. Just a normal teenager trying to make it. He had such a love and a zest for life! He has made such an impression on my life and I’m so excited to see how, through The Dallas Pugh Foundation, he continues to change the world and touch people’s hearts.

Lisa Gawf - Friend

"They are God’s hands and voice and shoulders to cry on"

My name is Theresa Loth and I am married to one of Dallas’ most awesome uncles – Uncle Pete. I didn’t know Dallas, but I know how my husband still gets emotional whenever his name is brought up. I love Peter’s family and know I missed out by not knowing Dallas. One thing I didn’t realize when I was on a path of suicide, was how much it affects other people. I had an eating disorder for 6 years and I was at the end of myself. I was especially berating myself one day because I love the Lord and one of his children shouldn’t feel like this let alone do the things I was doing. I was out on one of my many runs and literally God kept my feet on the road. I was never brave enough to follow through with suicide but a quick impulse acted on in heavy traffic was quite feasible. That day God kept my feet on the side of the road but I know people are God’s hands. And that is how I feel about this organization, they are God’s hands and voice and shoulders to cry on. If someone had just told me that I had another option, or that other people felt like I did, or it was okay to feel this rotten and it wouldn’t last forever if I knew that something like this foundation was available to me; I wouldn’t have come so close to the edge. That’s what happened to Dallas he just got a little too close to the edge. I look forward to the day I can meet him in person. May God Bless You All.

Therese Loth - Aunt

"If it only saves one life, that will affect thousands"

I have been very close to the entire Pugh family and anyone that knows them has a deep love for them. Jarrett (Dallas’ older brother) and I have been inseparable friends since the age of 5. I had the pleasure of watching Dallas grow from a fearless child to a stand up young man and was looking forward to seeing him as an older man some day. That has been taken away from me, and from thousands of others that will never be able to enjoy Dallas’ company again. All of this pain because of one extremely horrible decision that will never be forgotten by anyone that ever had the absolute pleasure of knowing Dallas. I have participated in all of the previous golf tournaments and will continue to do all I can to help in this great cause. If it only saves one life, that will affect thousands, so if this charity can help thousands millions will be positively affected.

Eric Peterson - Friend

"How very lucky I was to get the chance to meet him"

I was fortunate enough to meet Dallas Pugh. I just started working for his mom, Ruth, just prior to Dallas’s passing. He was an energetic teenager with an awesome attitude. Everyone loved him. How very lucky I was to get the chance to meet him. Now it has been 11 years since Dallas passed away. In a roundabout way, his passing has changed my life for the good. Ruth’s ambition and determination to turn this tragedy into a positive helped me look at life in a whole new way. With Ruth by my side, I became successful in my career, married the love of my life, own a beautiful home, have a wonderful relationship with both family and friends, and just recently added the joy of my life, Kamryn Elizabeth, to my family. Ruth gave me the support and encouragement I needed to make the right decisions to go down the correct path. I have also been involved with the Dallas Pugh Memorial Golf Tournament every year and see the changes this tournament has made. It is a wonderful fundraiser that brings the community together for a great cause. It is a day to remember and I look forward to this year’s tournament. I know that the Pugh Family will make this the most memorable one yet.

Jennifer Stinebaugh - Friend

"Through happy and sad times"

I have been best friends with Jarrett Pugh since we met in kindergarten over 25 years ago. No matter what, Jarrett and I have continued our friendship through happy and sad times. My fond memories of Dallas have been coupled along with Jarrett. Dallas was always a sweet kid, with a positive, light-hearted energy. From all of the times we spent riding our dirt bikes on our family’s ranches, to building things in our Dad’s garage, Dallas was always there and never skipped a beat. I myself have been affiliated with the YMCA for many years now and know what a difference it makes in people’s lives. The Dallas Pugh Foundation in support of the YMCA can only make it better by helping the youth and consoling them through their problematic times.

Don Daley - Friend
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