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"Look forward to going to the gym"

I love going to the East County Family YMCA. I never imagined that I would actually look forward to going to the gym — but I do. From the moment that I walk through the door, I feel welcomed. The kindness continues when I go to the pool for water aerobics or go to the fitness center to work out. I have made some wonderful friends.

Molly Stewart - YMCA Member since 2007

“Build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.”

Dear YMCA Staff, We are writing this letter to thank you all for the many years of service you have provided our family. We have a nine year old daughter currently in the fourth grade. When she began attending kindergarten 5 years ago, we were told that there was a before-and-after school program offered through the YMCA, which interested us since we both work outside the home. Up to that point we knew very little about the YMCA, its standards, mission, etc. But we went ahead and signed her up, as it was the “best option” for us as it was on site at the school. As parents we felt strongly about being involved in Taylor Ann’s education and care, as she would be spending more time there than she would be at home awake with us. So we began volunteering and serving as PAC members. It was during that time that we learned so much about the organization and what it stood for, as well as getting to know the wonderful staff. Over the years we have had so many positive experiences, and been enlightened by what our daughter brought home from the program. It is difficult to pinpoint them all. Though, we do vividly remember Taylor Ann coming home from kindergarten very early on in the year and asking: “Are we a tolerant family?” At that moment we looked at each other in amazement: our little girl was growing up and asking “big girl” questions. To which we responded: “Well, Taylor Ann, what does it mean to be a tolerant family?” Without even having to give it some thought she said “To honor and respect others beliefs without giving up our own.” Wow were we proud! During the conversation we learned that it was during “circle time” at the YMCA that she learned this. As I began asking questions of the staff, I learned so much more about what they shared and taught the children, and how they are at liberty to discuss religious beliefs, and encourage diversity and respect, because of being privately funded, and aren’t bound by the same rules and limitations of the school. It is this and many other experiences that make us proud to say that we are a part of the YMCA program. Taylor Ann especially loves many of the activities the staff have for the children on a daily basis. We take every opportunity given to promote the YMCA, raise funds for projects, interact with the staff and families, etc. Because we believe that the YMCA truly does… “Build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.” Thank you again for playing such an intricate role in our family, and for so many pleasant experiences. We look forward to many more enjoyable years to come.

Kenneth, Lisa & Taylor Ann Quick

"Helping out the younger generation"

Hello my name is Andy Eakes and I am a 21 year old college student and have recently been given one of your coins. I met this guy at the bar the other night, his name was Francesco. He began talking to me about his career as a server and, being a buss boy at another restaurant, we made an easy connection. I had never met him before and he began to talk to me about this coin and the message behind it. He was very inspiring and talked highly of giving back and helping out the younger generation. He told me that he had come to America as a teenager and how he received help from people he did not know. Now that he was older and well off he felt the need to give back and help someone who was still trying to make a name for themselves. He offered me a job and tickets to baseball games all without ever having met him before. He told me to do the same and give back to others because life is too short and shouldn't be wasted with selfish actions. I now have the coin and plan! to hold on to it until I am able to hold a steady job with a family. Once I have finished that I plan to pass it on to another young person in the same boat as I was. This foundation you have set up gives hope to those who havenʻt felt it in a very long time and to spread the message of acceptance and understanding to people who suffer from depression. Having struggled with depression myself, I know first hand that admitting that you are depressed can be a challenge of its own. Its very nice to see that this foundation has been established and even better to see that there are still people out there who care for complete strangers. You guys rock and I hope to help spread the word to others.

Andy Eakes

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